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Diagnostic Services

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

OSU Hearing Professionals offers the following advanced diagnostic tests:

Tympanometry measures middle ear function (which may reveal unwanted fluid in the middle ear).  For this test, the patient sits quietly as a probe is inserted into the ear canal. The patient feels a slight change in pressure as the measurement is made. No response is required from the patient.

Otoacoustic Emissions

Otoacoustic emissions are often used when it is difficult to obtain a patient response (in infants, for example). They may also be used to verify a hearing loss. A small probe attached to a computer is inserted into the ear canal. The patient hears a series of tones and the response from the ear is recorded. The patient must remain still and quiet for this test.

Auditory Brainstem Response Test (ABR)

An auditory brainstem response test may be completed as part of the test battery. This is a nonparticipation test on the part of the patient. The patient must be relaxed and quiet for this test. Insert earphones are used to deliver sounds and the responses are measured by electrodes placed on the head.      

High Frequency Audiometry

High frequency audiometry is primarily performed as a component of research studies (for example, monitoring the ototoxicity of chemotherapy drugs). The test method is the same as that of conventional pure tone audiometry, only testing a higher frequency range from 8-20 kHz.