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Hearing Devices

Is a Cochlear Implant Right For Me?

If you would like to determine if a cochlear implant is the right step for you to take in helping you overcome your hearing loss, schedule a cochlear implant evaluation appointment with an OSU Hearing Professionals audiologist.

You can schedule in the following way:

  • Call (614) 366-3687 to schedule a cochlear implant evaluation appointment.

  • E-mail our scheduling group at ent@osumc.edu

For your first visit, please bring your current hearing aids and earmolds with you. The audiologist will test your hearing with and without hearing aids. If you do not have hearing aids, or if your current hearing aids are no longer appropriate, we may loan hearing aids to you or you may need to purchase them.

We welcome close family members or friends at this initial appointment to help support you during this process. It may take one to three visits to determine if you are a candidate for a cochlear implant. 

Once your audiologist determines that you meet FDA guidelines for the implant, you will be scheduled with an otologist. If the otologist finds that a cochlear implant is medically appropriate, the otologist's assistant will obtain insurance authorization for the procedure.

Contact an OSU otologist