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Ear Protection

swim mold

Swim Plugs

Swim Plugs are soft custom molds that may be recommended for those with a history of ear surgery or chronic ear infections. An earmold impression must be made in the office. Swim plugs can be made in a solid color, or with dots or stripes. Swim plugs can be made from floating material, and can have handles and/or a cord.


hearing protection

Hearing Protection Molds

Hearing protection molds come in a variety of types, and are made from a custom earmold impression. They can be made as solid molds, or with a variety of damped vents. Venting options include Musician’s Earplugs, which change tonal quality minimally while damping intense sound levels.


custom listening mold

Custom Listening Molds

Custom molds can be made to couple to earpieces for listening devices. Custom listening molds increase the retention of the earpieces. These molds can also have a vent, to increase comfort by allowing air to enter the ear canal.