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The quality of my life has been enhanced...

To Whom It May Concern:

Please be advised that I was first diagnosed with tinnitus and mild high frequency hearing loss in 1988.  I’ve spent my life as a very physical and social man, fully engaged both personally and professionally.  I’ve made my living as a financial consultant and advisor which continues to demand sharp communication skills, both one on one and in making presentations before large groups.  However, with the progression of my hearing impairment, both my professional and personal lives have suffered and become more challenging, stressful and less productive.  Further, social activities from movies to mountain climbing faded from frequent activity to memory as my hearing loss grew increasingly worse.  In short, I’d become really isolated and frustrated.

After moving from Southern California to Columbus, Ohio in 2003, I was referred to The Ohio State University Medical Center, where later I was referred to Brenda Hall at Ohio State University Hearing Professionals.  I was treated like a person and not a number.  Real interest was dedicated to the proper diagnosis of my hearing conditions, the choice and fitting of state of the art hearing aids and my quality of life.  Regular follow-up visits have always been scheduled to keep my technical information up to date.  Further, my aids are checked and reprogrammed to meet any changes in my hearing.  I can count on The Ohio State Medical Center and Brenda Hall to do their part to keep my quality of life rewarding and my stress level reduced.

I’m once again fully and productively engaged personally and professionally.  I constantly seek out new and varied activities, and the quality of my life has been enhanced and restored thanks to [The Ohio State] University Hearing Professionals.  These changes have positively affected my life.  I’m very grateful.


~ Herschel J. Balkin



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