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Our patients share their stories

Our patients share their stories

"Mrs. Hall has consistently been cordial and helpful for months into years to find assistance to my hearing needs.  I am grateful to her, and to Mollie Bartlett for adjusting and meeting schedule needs.  Both of these individuals perform expeditiously with kindness continually, creating a most pleasant atmosphere.  I am so thankful for these persons for their demeanor in serving this 88 year old individual!"

~ Helen L. Evans

"In January, 2002, I suffered a total loss of hearing in both ears due to a virus, which led to a double ear infection.  Both ear drums perforated and I was in excruciating pain for several days.  Within less than a week I was completely deaf.  Until that time my hearing had been normal and, in retrospect, I took my hearing for granted." read Nellie's story >
~ Nellie Rader

"When asked what is the best thing about my cochlear implants, my answer is this:  I don’t have a best thing about my implants because these implants have given me my life back and what is better than life itself." read Connie's story >
~ Connie Jacobs





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